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Seasonal Yoga Experience
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Jane Blundell • Yoga Classes Glasgow • Beginners Yoga
Jane Blundell Yoga Classes Glasgow
Jane offers Seasonal Flow Yoga classes Glasgow and Beginners Yoga in venues across the Southside of Glasgow including Newton Mearns, Clarkston & Busby. She welcomes new and experienced students to her fun, friendly and flexibly priced classes.

Jane has a passion for yoga that she believes everyone can share. Her teaching is informed by her conviction that we can all embrace the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice. She welcomes students of all ages and fitness levels to develop their confidence and yoga skills to improve body flexibility, core strength, balance and emotional well being throughout the Glasgow area.

What is Seasonal Flow Yoga
Seasonal flow yoga combines conscious breathing (Pranayama) and mental focus to generate a smooth transition or "flow" of postures (asana) that lead from one to the next, to bring us back in balance with our emotional and physical needs and in harmony with nature.

The classes focus on particular energy channels and corresponding organs in line with each season and class content will change throughout the year. The end result is a feeling of balance, a feeling of positivity and rejuvenating the whole being. Jane’s yoga classes are influenced by the many styles of yoga she has practised over the years. A seasonal flow yoga class is both a great place to start your yoga experience and an opportunity to continue challenging yourself.

Beginners Courses/ Classes
These yoga classes offer a foundational series of fun, gentle and safe yoga postures suitable for the complete beginner or those with some yoga experience. Jane provides personal instruction on synchronizing breath with movement, enhanced physical alignment and the use of props to aid postures. You will work at a pace that ensures practical and constructive learning of the essential elements that underpin good yoga practice. All you need to bring is an open mind and enthusiasm.

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