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Seasonal Yoga Experience
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Jane Blundell • Yoga Classes Glasgow • Beginners Yoga
“Jane is a truly wonderful yoga teacher, who educates us to perform yoga movements to the very best of our own abilities. Jane teaches us to understand our own body's abilities and limitations, quietly encouraging us to improvements week by week. Like a lot of people, I have a job that requires physical, emotional and intellectual strength and I have found yoga to be an enlightening experience, improving my flexibility and reducing aches and pains. Bringing an inner calm, which is vital in this fast paced world we live in. Jane's classes are constantly engaging as they are varied week by week exploring the realms of controlled breathing, movement and balance. Give it a go you won't regret it!”

This is intelligent, dynamic, flowing yoga that leaves you feeling released and energised. What I find with seasonal yoga is that it allows for variety and takes into account the different needs which we have round the year; there is also a clear progression from the start to the end of each season which gives you a sense of well-being and achievement. Jane's classes are very friendly and fun as well as challenging, and she has a great eye for gentle adjustments that help everyone reach their potential.”

“I always feel 2" taller after a class and walk with a better posture. For me, yoga is essential for keeping supple and flexible.”

“I am now retired and have time for me. I not only enjoy Jane's classes but really feel the benefit of that type of exercise. Obviously I am not able to do what I could when I was much younger but as the months have passed I am amazed at how much more flexible and supple I have become. Jane is very patient and observant and is quick to realise one's limitations and suggest alternative postures.”

“Jane introduced me to yoga as a reluctant convert. Can now honestly say I’d find it difficult to do without the physical benefits and sense of well being I’ve gained. Thank you.’

“A wonderful motivating start to the morning at Jane's seasonal yoga experience at Fraser Hall. I love the combination of energetic flowing poses combined with good breathing practices. I feel I am learning a lot with each class .There's a lovely peaceful atmosphere in the class which allows us all to be ourselves, and continue along our own particular paths. The structures change often to keep you challenged and motivated whilst being guided by Jane. It’s also a good laugh and I always leave feeling on a big high, full of energy and ready to tackle the day and everything it has to throw at me.”

"I was a little dubious when I first started yoga. I'm overweight and far from flexible so wasn't sure this was the right type of exercise for me. With Jane's encouragement and her absolute belief in the importance of our own personal yoga journey, not keeping up with others, yoga has become my new love and provides much needed moments of calm away from a busy work life. Jane's encouragement has built my confidence in my yoga practice, she invests time in ensuring the correct posture so I even practice without a teacher occasionally. An inspiring teacher, whatever your size, shape and fitness or flexibility level".

“Having tried yoga at many venues with several instructors. I found that Jane is the perfect mix of good yoga practice and sound advice. I'm currently overweight and have arthritis in my hands so was dubious about trying yoga again for the umpteenth time. Jane always has a suggestion of how to do a movement to the best of my ability. With Jane, yoga is fun!”

“I have loved Jane’s yoga class right from the very first time! My body has been (gently ) taken to places I would not have thought possible and I am now feeling much more flexible. Jane takes great care in explaining all the movements and the positions you are aiming for. I have also discovered that our bodies all have different capabilities and everyone will have something in yoga that they can enjoy.”

“I dare you to try it! I thought yoga was all wishy washy stretching and lentils. Jane’s class is pitched at just the right level so that you work hard and she gives enough snippets about the “teachings” that you can go away and do more digging on your own. The only person you compete against is yourself so great for any age and ability. It’s also a fun way to find head space at the end of a busy working week. Thoroughly (and calmly) recommended.”

"As a runner with a low boredom threshold I never saw myself doing yoga, but I am hooked! Jane offers a different routine each week which flows at a speed that means by the time I have sorted out where my legs, arms and pelvic floor are supposed to be I have had an hour’s work out without noticing the time or the stretching. These days I feel taller and grunt less when getting out of my chair. thanks Jane"

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